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Virtues are the building blocks of life!


Virtues Matter provides a range of tools, services and strategies to help individuals and teams be your best. We offer several programs throughout the year available to everyone and we provide them for your team. We also create specific engagements through innovative partnerships.

New in 2022: Community Leadership Wellbeing and Connection Circles

Virtues Matter co-founder and social entrepreneur Dave Feldman is facilitating a monthly Circle of strategies for joy, meaning, and purpose to inspire and connect community leaders. 

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Workshops & Retreats

Online or in-person workshops are designed to challenge, inspire and awaken participants to a fresh, new way of engaging with the world. Embracing the virtues within you and putting the Five Strategies into practice immediately changes how you relate to yourself and others - at work, home and in your community. Virtues open the door to growth and new opportunities.

Our team combines years of experience from education, entrepreneurship, leadership and non-profit management to create dynamic, transformational experiences for individuals, communities and organizations.

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As humans, the relationships we form are vital to our well-being and even our survival. Healthy relationships allow individuals to bond and help each other. It allows teams or communities to operate as a unit.

Virtues Matter offers Connection Circles - in person and online - to help teams promote understanding, share experiences and build relationships.

Using the language of virtues, we help teams build trust, learn respect, and enjoy each others company.

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Consulting & Speaking

Sometimes teams seek joy, meaning and purpose. Other times they need to solve complex problems. We will work with you to address the needs of your team — teachers, staff, leadership — that complements your existing norms, meets teams where they are. Whether revisiting core values, developing strategies around culture or changing team dynamics and behaviors, let us help.

We also deliver keynotes, moderate forums and speak on panels, often weaving in The Five Strategies of the Virtues Project. We speak on leadership, social entrepreneurship, sustainability, education, restorative justice, personal or professional development.


 "Dara Feldman is one of my very favorite guests."

Her passion for improving the education system and empowering students always makes for a lively interview. It's as if you wrap up the interview and feel you can change the world, or Dara will.


Lori Brooks, Morning Radio Show Host 

Start a journey with the Virtues Cards app!

This free, easy-to-use app is designed to aid you in your everyday quest to acquire and cultivate virtues—qualities such as compassion, gratitude, strength, hope, resilience, and justice. Like a book of daily readings, it guides you to develop upright character and, ultimately,  become your best self.

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