A Promise for Positive Change

Everything is changing quickly.

We can all use tools to inspire ourselves and encourage others to create hope in times of such uncertainty.

Building on the blog series of the same name, we created "7 Virtues for the Great Reset," an online workshop to give us guidance and confidence to navigate difficult situations. 


Virtues provide an opportunity to come together and write a new narrative - a Global Reset in how we view and do everything.


When Covid started, Virtues Project co-founder Linda Kavelin-Popov and Virtues Matter co-founder, Dave Feldman, decided to write a blog series with guidance on how to navigate these uncertain times.  Framed with a sense of Hope for the future, "7 Virtues for the Great Reset" helps us achieve a wholeness and new balance with Virtues as a foundation.

Recorded from a live workshop, we explore how to incorporate the virtues of Discernment, Justice, Resilience, Gratitude, Compassion, Creativity and Unity to guide your life.

Watch on your own time and pace. You can even share it with friends and family! You get a video of the course, a downloadable PowerPoint presentation, exercises and handouts as well!

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WOW, just WOW That was SO WELL DONE!  Rich content Engaging activities... but safe. And the energizers, comics, music, dance! I am impressed and inspired! Thank you!


"I'm totally inspired by this Webinar. What the world needs now is these virtues. Let's make it cool and the ‘in' thing to love thy neighbor."


"This is what it looks like - one human family with love at the core - all working together to be the best each of us can be for the good of all."

Your Instructors

Linda Kavelin-Popov is the best-selling author of The Family Virtues Guide and A Pace of Grace. She is a psychotherapist, specializing in suicide prevention and community healing. As co-founder of The Virtues Project, she is an internationally renowned speaker and teacher on personal and global transformation.  She has had many appearances on radio and television, including Oprah, and had her own television series in Canada. Linda now lives on Lanai in the Hawaiian Islands with her husband, Dan.

Dave Feldman is a social entrepreneur, community builder and thought leader in sustainability, entrepreneurship and leadership development. He and his wife, Dara, founded Virtues Matter and Virtues Cards app to bring joy, meaning and purpose to as many lives a possible. He was founding director of Bethesda Green, a nationally recognized community hub and green business incubator; and Consul, at the British Embassy, helping foster strong business ties between the U.S. and UK.  Dave holds an M.B.A. from University of Maryland.

"Never let a good crisis go to waste." ~ Winston Churchill


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