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Virtues Matter was started by two people who want to create a better world together. Dara and Dave Feldman, a wife-husband team, both envisioned a more connected, uplifted future in business, education, and beyond. 

Dara is a passionate educator whose lifelong goal is to transform schools and the systems that support them into environments that empower students, staff and families. Dave is a social entrepreneur committed to sustainability, innovation, local economies and community collaborative community development. Together, Dave and Dara imagine a world that embraces positive transformation.

In 2005, Dara discovered The Virtues Project. She saw how the tools and strategies of Virtues transformed individuals, and became the Director of Education and Master Facilator. During this time, Dave co-founded a company building solutions that make communities more resilient and sustainable including an internationally recognized green business incubator and education center.

In 2019, they founded Virtues Matter to combine their skills and passions and positively change as many lives as possible across sectors. Their aim was to bring an entrepreneurial mindset to bringing others joy, meaning, and purpose. Welcome to the movement!

Are you committed to wellbeing for educators, youth, communities, workplaces, and beyond? Contact us to learn how we can serve you. 

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