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Virtues Matter offers a range of services including connection circles, workshops, retreats, and customized consulting.

If you are seeking deeper connections, a culture of appreciation and wellbeing, increased performance, or more meaning and purpose - there is a virtues program for you.

All services may be delivered in person, online, or via a hybrid model according to your needs.

Connect With Us!

Connection Circles

Connections matter! They provide us with happiness, security, support and a sense of purpose. They help us collaborate, perform with excellence, and share knowledge.

We host Circles for wellbeing, connection, celebration, networking, and healing for professionals, educators, community leaders, and entrepreneurs around the world.

Whether online or in-person, we create a safe, authentic and uplfifting space to share  thoughts and feelings, be heard and honored, and learn strategies that you can apply in all aspects of your life.

New in 2022: Community Leadership Wellbeing and Connection Circles

Free monthly circles to inspire and connect community leaders. 

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Workshops and Retreats

Workshops are designed to challenge, inspire and awaken participants to a fresh, new way of engaging with the world. Virtues open the door to growth and new opportunities.

Our team combines years of experience from education, entrepreneurship, leadership and non-profit management to create dynamic, transformational experiences for individuals, communities and organizations.

Speak the Language of Virtues


Language shapes character.  The way we speak and the words we use have great power to inspire or discourage.  The Language of Virtues empowers us to act on the best within us, and bring out the best in others. 

In this workshop, you will learn how to use language to build trust and increase hope, engagement, and wellbeing in your family, school, workplace, and life beyond.

A Pace of Grace

Virtues for a Sustainable Life

How are you, really? Have the demands of life exceeded your energy? Are you needing some time and tools to reconnect with yourself and rejuvenate your spirit?

We will provide sector-specific strategies to help you get a sense of peace and serenity to let go of the “FOG” of fatigue, overwhelm and guilt to reclaim your power to thrive.

The Heart of Education

Bringing Joy, Meaning & Purpose to Teaching & Learning

Are you an educator  looking for ways to create more peace, belonging and
wellbeing for you and your students? Do you want tools and strategies that you can use immediately and feel the positive impact?

By participating in this highly engaging and uplifting workshop you will leave with practical tools, strategies and a variety of resources for creating more engaging, caring & high performing learning communities.

Restoring the Restorative Educator

Healing-Centered Engagement for Staff & Student Wellbeing

Educators: how is your wellbeing? Would you like a space to replenish your spirit, while developing tools for your students to connect to theirs?

By circling up with other educators you will experience strategies for rejuvenation and restoration designed to reduce the challenges of compassion fatigue, burnout, and moral injury. You will leave the workshop with practical tools and resources you can use immediately for your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your students, as well as a renewed sense of joy and optimism!

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The Heart of Leadership

Bringing Joy, Meaning & Purpose to the Workplace & Community 

Many of today's graduates are keenly idealistic. It isn't enough for them to make a living -- they want to make a difference. Organizations that offer social responsibility, transparency, and a joyful, unified work environment are the ones that can attract and keep them.

Through this highly interactive and intensive workshop, based on the 5 Strategies of The Virtues Project, you will develop skills to integrate character into corporate culture, and attract and retain a motivated workforce with a natural desire to do well and good.

Facilitation & Coaching

The Virtues Project Facilitator Training

Do you want to help build communities and organizations of caring and character? At the Facilitator Training, you will receive in-depth training in the strategies as a means to support families, schools, and organizations in living by their highest values. After completing Facilitator Training, participants are certified Virtues Project Facilitators. 

"I am impressed and inspired!"

Wow. Just wow! That was so well done! Rich content, engaging activities... and safe and well-handled. And the energizers... comics, music, and dance that was done with such excellence! I aspire to do such a job! Thank you!


"I learn to listen with new ears."

I've always left a Virtues workshop feeling more hopeful about the world and enlightened about my part in making it better-one heart at a time. Dara and Dave are shining examples of purposeful, encouraging communicators.

"Virtues Circles have become a frame to hold me and my life."

It is through the virtual Virtues Sharing Circles that I have felt more seen, heard, understood and respected. The practice of using the Language of the Virtues in this intentional way changes everything