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Virtues - universal positive qualities of character - are a lens through which to see the world, a language with which to uplift yourself and those around you, and a guide on how to act in any situation. With a few tools, strategies, and practices, it's possible to transform your workplace, family, school, organization, and life beyond.

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Share Virtues Cards app decks and give the gift of character! Now buy in bulk for your team and loved ones.

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Check out our media page to see the Virtues team in podcasts, videos, and more.


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Virtues Practices

Learn how to practice Virtues in your day to day life: as individuals, teams, and communities.


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Community Leadership

Join our monthly Wellbeing and Connection Circle for a dose of joy, meaning & purpose. 


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Virtues Cards App

This free, easy-to-use app is designed to aid you in your everyday quest to acquire and cultivate virtues—qualities such as compassion, gratitude, strength, hope, resilience, and justice. Like a book of daily readings, it guides you to develop upright character and, ultimately, become your best self.

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See our music video: "Be the Light", in collaboration with Ali Youssefi and The Virtues Project!