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Rich From The Journey

Reflecting on 2023 - Setting Intentions for 2024

With Linda Kavelin-Popov,  co-founder and principal author, The Virtues Project.


This interactive workshop is a pause to reflect through the lens of the Five Virtues Strategies on:

  • Our teachable moments in 2023 (losses, learnings, and gifts)
  • Setting intentions for transforming our personal narrative in 2024  
  • Discerning our part in the healing of our world
  • Tapping our mental & spiritual powers to live mindfully and joyfully in the year ahead

There will be personal exercises, breakout support circles, and time with Linda to seek new insights for a joyful and meaningful new year. 


Friday January 12th in North America, or Saturday January 13th in New Zealand/Australia


California: 12 pm to 3 pm, Pacific Standard Time Friday, January 12

New York & Toronto: 3 pm to 6 pm Friday, January 12

Auckland, NZ:  9 am to 12pm Saturday, January 13


This is a fundraiser for the work Dan and Linda are doing as volunteers in Aitutaki, Cook Islands as wellbeing and mental health specialists and founders of The Virtues Project.

Recommended Fee: $79

Virtues Matter is committed to making this work accessible so we offer an equity pricing model - pay as you can. For more details, visit the Registration page below.


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