Skills & Practices that Transform Lives


Would you like a world with more kindness, caring, justice, peacefulness, serenity and understanding?

What if we could cultivate a culture of integrity, courage, empathy, understanding and gratitude?

The answer is closer than you might think.

It comes from within.

Join us for our 2 special workshops.

Treat yourself to some inner work at A Pace of Grace workshop where you will learn how to increase your overall joy and well being and balance mind, body and spirit.


Learn valuable skills at Inspiring Leadership that will allow you to influence, lead and serve others.

Inspiring Leadership

Do you inspire and empower others to succeed?

Successful leaders are the first to demonstrate integrity in the way they speak, act, and treat their colleagues and clients. They build a culture and climate that appreciates honesty, service, trust and excellence.

People watch what successful people do, more than what they say.

Business, community and team leaders will be introduced to Five (5) life-changing strategies that creates a culture of inspiration, motivation and commitment .

You Will Learn How To

  • Develop virtues that can be utilized personally and professionally
  • Bring out the best in yourself and your team
  • Harness the energy and enthusiasm of your team
  • Develop a culture of appreciation
  • Strengthen communication and generate stronger team unity

  Instructors - Dara and Dave Feldman

A Pace of Grace

This experience is based on the book, "A Pace of Grace", by Linda Kavelin Popov, (Dara’s Mentor) which contains a four-part program to help you live your best, most grace-filled life:
1. Simplify Your Life
2. Pace Yourself
3. Practice Presence 
4. Live your True Values


How are you, really? Are you caught up in the FOG Syndrome of Fatigue, Overwhelm, and Guilt? Have the demands of your life exceeded your energy? Too many of us are “E-Type Personalities” – everything to everybody! How do we reclaim our lives, our time and our energy? How can we sustain a sense of daily grace?

Let go of the “FOG” of fatigue, overwhelm and guilt and reclaim your power to thrive.

You Will Learn How To

  • Use language to strengthen relationships with yourself and others
  • Honor your spirit everyday through mindful practices
  • Replace your internal critic with a gentle observer
  • Discern when you are being driven by your ego or lead by your soul
  • Increase your overall joy and well-being

 Instructor - Dara Feldman

"“A Pace of Grace contains vivid examples of how to make our daily lives meaningful. I offer my prayers that those readers who sincerely put them into practice will achieve the inner peace that is the key to lasting happiness.”"

Dalai Lama

"“This workshop changed my life. The Five Strategies have improved my marriage and my relationships at work. My kids actually do what I ask! Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing this framework, Dara.” "

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