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Foreword By Jack Canfield - Best Selling Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series and The Success Principles

"In The Heart of Education, Dara shares specific strategies to empower educators to know their inherent value and help their students realize their potential.

The book is both practical and inspiring because she shares her own personal stories and the stories of others as wll as practical classroom strategies backed up by lots of research.

There is hope. There are educators everywhere who have come to realize that low self-esteem can be overcome by intentionally teaching lessons on self-awareness, values, character, communication skills, and as Dara so brilliantly teaches us in the book on virtues - the essential qualities of the heart."

Eric Jensen, Author – Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind

“I completed reading so many books lately.  Here’s what I decided to do: go outside my “box” of science-based books. This book is inspirational for any teacher. While there is useful and practical advice, the big thing is that it can help you recapture your joy and purpose in teaching. A great resource to rekindle your professional life!”

Ted Leonsis, Founder, Chairman,  CEO Monumental Sports & Entertainment

“Dara’s love and knowledge of education extends well beyond the classroom and into our daily lives. The Heart of Education is an uplifting, passionate roadmap with strategies applicable in the classroom, the workplace and at home.”

It’s time for educators and administrators to take back schools and classrooms and bring the passion and promise back into education!

The "Heart of Education" is designed to help you create an environment where students learn to be smart and choose to be good. It is not an add-on curriculum but a language and a lens that can be easily integrated into all aspects of a school and community to create a culture of character. It is personal, professional and organizational development all rolled into one. Powerful tools you can use at home and at school.

Dara discusses in her book:

  • How educators can balance academic rigor & accountability with supporting needs of the Whole Child.
  • How we can use language to build trust & increase hope, engagement, & well-being.
  • How to recognize teachable moments to develop resiliency & authentic self-esteem.
  • How virtues based boundaries & restorative justice can create safer schools & end the school to prison pipeline by promoting self-discipline, personal responsibility & integrity.
  • How to increase joy, meaning and purpose through the arts, service learning & by creating a culture of mutual respect & appreciation.
  • How to listen with compassionate curiosity to empower others to find clarity & create their own solutions.