Community Leadership Wellbeing and Connection Circles


Restore your wellbeing with likeminded changemakers

As a community leader, you have a vision of what is possible. You are a changemaker, caretaker, and advocate driven by hope and purpose to make a difference in the world.

However, many of leaders are exhausted, burned out and frustrated from facing multiple ongoing challenges. Advocating for positive change, supporting our communities, and maintaining our own resilience is a tall order.

That's why Virtues Matter created Community Leadership Circles, a monthly cohort of community leaders who gather to connect, be inspired, learn and feel restored in a space supported by and with like-minded people.

Our lens will be The Five Strategies of the Virtues Project where we collectively cultivate resilience, gratitude, service, justice, compassion and a host of other virtues necessary to thrive in today’s society. Together, we will:

  • Share our hopes for our communities and the honest challenges we're facing,
  • Connect and celebrate our successes with community-minded people, and
  • Explore strategies to manage change, conflict and uncertainty while staying confident, resilient and joyful.

Those who connect and uplift others deserve to feel connected and uplifted.

Our next monthly Circle is Thursday, February 16th from 5:00 - 6:30PM EST. We will continue gathering on the third Thursday of every month.

Don't Lead Alone

Join our cohort of change-makers and uplift your life and those in the communities you serve. Sign up below to join our sixth Community Leadership Wellbeing and Connection Circle on Thursday, December 15th at 5PM EST. 

We're committed to supporting community leaders in their wellbeing and personal transformation with tools and strategies that are transferable to your community members or teams.

We use a holistic and restorative protocol that utilizes simple wellbeing and Emotional Intelligence strategies. It's self-and-community care through the lens of Virtues like resilience, empathy, gratitude and hope. It is a space to be authentic and openly share thoughts and feelings. To be seen, heard, honored and valued, while also developing skills to be a strong and effective leader.

I’m Dave, co-founder of Virtues Matter and social entrepreneur.

My lifelong passion has been to make a better world by connecting people, providing inspiration, and offering solutions to help others serve their communities. As Consul of UK Trade & Investment at the British Embassy, I led efforts to deepen business relationships between the U.S and U.K with a focus on sustainability and social entrepreneurship.  With Kelley Rajala and Livability Project, we launched community 'hubs' where business, government and civic leaders collaborated on sustainability solutions like local food and green innovation. And I was founding Director of Bethesda Green a green business incubator, education center and catalyst of local programs.

I am dedicated to supporting our leaders today to tackle the tough and unique challenges they face. I invite you to join me in this journey.