Virtues Practices

Practical strategies to uplift the best in yourself and others

Start with the Virtues Cards App 

The Virtues Cards are a simple tool to help you reflect on and practice virtues.

They can help you make a decision, strengthen a relationship, clarify a direction or simply provide a focus for the day.

See below for some simple disciplines to transform your life.

Virtues Pick (Personal)

Virtues Cards allow us to reflect on, develop and apply virtues in our lives. They can help guide us in making decisions, clarifying a direction or simply provide focus for a day.

What is a Virtues Pick?

  1. Randomly select a virtue (shake phone or select icon).
  2. Read the front and back of the card.
  3. Reflect on its meaning for you at this time. (You may want to pose a question before you read your card.)

Optional: Use the Journal feature to keep a record of the virtues that appear for you each day.

Virtues Huddles (Teams)

Virtues can be unifying activity when used in a group.

  1. While connecting with friends, family or co-workers, invite someone to select or randomly pick a virtue.
  2. Read the front and back aloud.
  3. Each person takes a turn to speak briefly about what is on his or her mind or a life situation.
  4. The others listen in complete, respectful silence.
  5. When each person finishes sharing, others acknowledge a virtue they heard reflected in that person's share.

5 Strategies of The Virtues Project

These strategies help us to live more authentic, purposeful lives, raise children of compassion and idealism, and create a culture of character in our schools, workplace and communities. Check out these videos on each strategy.

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