2020 - A Year in Review

Jan 04, 2021

In 2020, a year mostly on Zoom, Virtues Matter made great strides as an organization and influencer. Like many, we pivoted to online and made the best of difficult circumstances.

We developed and offered a range of programs to help others improve well-being, strengthen unity, culture and character and when possible serve those that are in most need: caregivers, educators, students, and social workers who provide support, encouragement and inspiration to their communities.  Some of our highlights are below:

Highlights of 2020

Workshops and Retreats

  • Virtual Connection Circles - During this year of physical distancing, people needed meaningful opportunities to connect deeply with themselves and others. We served hundreds in a safe space to identify and share thoughts and feelings, to be seen, heard, and valued.
  • Pace of Grace - We facilitated a 3-hour online 'retreat' with tools and strategies to help people live a peaceful and meaningful life, engage in activities and let go of the “FOG” of fatigue, overwhelm and guilt to reclaim their power to thrive.
  • Intro to Virtues Project - The Virtues Project, honored by the United Nations and endorsed by the Dalai Lama, is a restorative practices framework which addresses the needs of the Whole Child/Whole Adult. With SEL and character development as its foundation, this workshop was trauma and culturally responsive personal, professional and organizational development. 
  • Zoom with Zeal - In response to COVID, Virtues Matter offered workshops to help people leverage the power of Zoom to connect online with excellence, enthusiasm and virtues. 
  • Share the LOVE -  The way we speak and the words we use have great power to inspire or discourage.  We introduced 'Share the Language Of Virtues Everywhere' to help others develop virtues language fluency and connect more deeply with their family, friends, co-workers, community and even themselves.
  • Great Reset - Building on the blog series of the same name, Dave and Virtues Project co-founder, Linda Kavelin Popov hosted "7 Virtues for the Great Reset," an online workshop to give guidance and confidence to navigate any situation. 
Programs & Partners
  • City Montessori  - Trained more than 600 educators and school leaders on virtues at the largest school in the world (57,000 students). Supported Professional Learning Communities through weekly virtues sharing circles and professional development for multiple campuses.  
  • MainStreet - provided a series of virtues sharing circles for Main Street Community, coaching session for young adults with disabilities. We co-created and co-sponsored “Conversations That Matter” about racism and equality.
  • DECA - Crafted material for ‘Level Up’ podcast with the Washington State DECA team to explore the intersection of virtues and entrepreneurship. Keynote speakers at Western Regional Conference for Innovate 2020, with a focus on Mental Health.  Launched #SharetheLOVEDEC a year long program helping students and communities engage through 12 virtues-based missions in 2021. Collaborating to introduce a new ‘DECA Cards’ deck focusing on entrepreneurship and leadership.
  • SpeedNetworking - Co-hosted weekly Zoom networking for entrepreneurs and small businesses affected by Covid providing business support, guidance & connection (50+ attendees per week)
  • Community Foundation Virgin Islands - Created and trained leaders for summer youth program, presented at Annual Teachers Conference and facilitated 3 Social Justice Listening Circles.

In 2021, newly established as a non-profit, we stand ready to offer innovative strategies and a unique set of programs to impart hope, perseverance and courage.