4 Tips to Get Started with the Virtues Cards App

virtues cards app Mar 31, 2020

You've Downloaded the Virtues Cards App.... Now What?

Our hope is that you will use the app daily for inspiration and motivation. Below are some key features that can enhance your experience with the Virtues Cards app. 

  1. The best way to start incorporating the virtues into your everyday life is to set a Reminder. Simply tap on 'Reminder' from the bottom menu and choose the best time of day to be reminded to do your daily virtues card pick!
  2. Next, explore the various decks available in the Shop to see if there are others that speak to you. We have a deck for Educators, Parents, and more! 
  3. Not sure which card to pick? Shake your phone from the Home screen and let fate decide. 
  4. Each card also has a backside with an inspiring quote and an affirmation. Double tap the card to read, or tap the circle arrow icon at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Share a virtue via text, email, or social media with someone to connect, acknowledge or encourage

If you have any feedback on your experience, we'd love to hear from you! Shoot us an email to [email protected]