Silly Love Songs

Feb 13, 2022

"All You Need Is Love" (The Beatles). "Can't Help Falling in Love" (Elvis Presley). "Crazy in Love" (Beyoncé).

Love is the most used word in song titles. 9.6% according to Hot 100 Billboard.

On this Valentine's Day, we ask ''What's Love Got to Do with It"? (Tina Turner)

Love is everything.

It's a state of being, a vital energy force of affection, warmth, deep feelings and respect.  

Love goes beyond romance. You can love a person, place idea or even life itself.

It's rational, irrational, complex and simple at the same time.

Love is the Language Of Virtues Everywhere.  It's caring, empathy, patience, understanding, perseverance, trust, commitment, commitment, kindness, loyalty, service and probably every virtue we give as gifts.

Love is most importantly something we do to and for ourselves. Taking care of our own needs supports our physical, psychological and spiritual health.

As Andy Grammar says in "Love Myself," I love you, I don't say it enough I love who you are, who you become.

This month, we want to elevate love. To send ours to you and thank you for being part of our community. To encourage you to think about love for others, yourself and our planet.

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all and remember, as Dionne Warwick once sang, What the world needs now is love.

Love and gratitude,