Being of Service through Caring

media Oct 04, 2020

Dave and Dara were guests on the Culture and Leadership Connections podcast to introduce Virtues, share insights on culture and offer ways to bring positivity to our world. Starting with a phone shake of the Virtues Cards and a random selection of the ‘Caring’ card, some highlights are listed below. To listen to other podcasts and meet the host Marie Gervais, click here...


  • “Caring is giving tender attention to the people and things that matter to us. It is being a compassionate witness, listening to another whole heartedly and without judgement. We show that we care with thoughtful acts and kind words. When we do a careful job, we give it our best effort. We are not indifferent to things that matter. We care deeply about the principles we believe in.”
  • “Often times… as women, we’re told to be of selfless service and to give and to give and to put ourselves last and there is this analogy or metaphor about putting our own oxygen masks on and really being able to give from a full cup.”
  • “It’s really essential for us to have self care before we can give to others in order to be sustaining in that caring way.”
  • “It takes a lot of patience and patience and more patience to help others to know that they, that we, have all these virtues in us.”
  • “The practice of virtues is really… a guide to bring people together and help us look at what this new world will look like. It’s about who we are as people and who we can become going forward.”
  • “When we do a virtues pick… people all over the world have felt that their connection to themselves, to the other person and anything bigger, greater than themselves is even deeper and stronger. You can use it in a networking way, but it’s more than just ‘what do you do’, it’s really about who you are and what brings you joy, meaning, and purpose.”
  • “Doing a daily virtues pick helps to develop… the fluency to be able to see, witness and notice the good in others, and that’s going to help change behavior for the positive more than any kind of begging, pleading or threatening that you can do.”
  • “Virtues are just universal positive qualities of character and the way they are expressed may be different from culture to culture; however, the essence of the virtues… [is] the same.”
  • “There’s a pretty standard statistic that talks about that what people want more than anything else in their business – appreciation.”
  • “Virtues are going to spread virally around the world, uplifting humanity and help people remember who they are.”


  • Dara explains a virtues pick as an important practice to remember our inherent nobility and to be able to understand ourselves and one another. Making a habit of picking a daily virtue also helps lay the foundation “to see through the lens and speak through the lens of the virtues.”
  • In this podcast, Dave and Dara used the virtual version of Virtues Reflection Cards, shook their phone, and received ‘Caring’. Each virtue card contains quotations from many wisdom sources, six ways to practice each virtue, an in-depth description based on research in the world’s diverse sacred traditions and an affirmation to guide and inspire your activities.
  • Dave says that caring manifests in his life as keeping all those working hard to make a difference through the pandemic in his thoughts, because they care about what they do. For Dara, caring shows up in her life as self-care, that this virtue is an invitation to us to take better care of ourselves.