Kindness: The Language of LOVE

media Nov 09, 2020

As we head to World Kindness Day on November 13,  we are seeing dozens of organizations, events and innovative initiatives share the impact of kindness. There are many benefits from practicing kindness - from increasing self-esteem, empathy and compassion, to lowering blood pressure. Kindness matters.

Virtues Matter had the honor to partner with Life Vest Inside and kick off World Kindness Week with Dance for Kindness 2020 Reimagined on Sunday, November 8th. LifeVest Inside, known for their viral video 'Kindness Boomerang - One Day' which got more than 33million hits has helped schools adopt World Kindness Day across the globe.

The global program included speakers, musical performance and kindness challenges all focused around the Power of Kindness how we can unleash its potential. Partners include: Virtues Matter, Design for Change, Pay it Forward Foundation, Singapore Kindness Movement, Random Acts of Kindness, Character Strong, No Bully, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, PeaceJam, Project Happiness, Sidewalk Talk, World Happiness Fest. To see more, check out their site.

Our gratitude to all the people, organizations, teams an community spreading kindness and creating a revolution of change.  Help join us spread the language of LOVE, starting with kindness.