A Year of Virtues - 2021 in Review

Jan 16, 2022

As we finished our first year as a nonprofit, we’re grateful and excited to reflect back on a year of connection with people locally and around the world.

We are deeply grateful to the many individuals for their generosity who contributed their time, talents, and financial resources to Virtues Matter. We couldn't have done this work without you.

We are also extremely grateful to the individuals and groups who trusted us and enthusiastically participated in our programs.

This year, we had the opportunity to facilitate several virtues-based workshops, retreats, and customized programs to a wide breadth of organizations, nonprofits, education institutions and community groups committed to unity, justice, and wellbeing worldwide. Highlighted below are a few:

  • Johns Hopkins Innovation Fund - Wombwork Productions and Virtues Matter were awarded a three-year grant to work with cohorts of people in early recovery. The team, including World Trade Center and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, will provide educational and healing spaces that enhance physical, mental, emotional, social and economic wellbeing to transform violence to virtues in Baltimore.
  • Washington DECA - It was an honor to work with students to work in partnership with Washington DECA to develop the next generation of the Virtues Cards App. We added a new deck of cards, the DECA Cards, designed by and for high school students to elevate youth mental wellbeing. We also worked with youth and facilitated at their Fall Leadership Conference uplifting student connection and wellbeing through our joint initiative SharetheLOVEDECA.
  • City Montessori School, Lucknow, India (largest school in the world) - We facilitated a series of workshops and wellbeing circles to create a culture of uplift and sharing for teachers. We helped them develop practices for healing and restoration using The 5 Strategies and further their own professional development as facilitators and leaders. We also set the stage for wellbeing for 1500 educators at their Vision 2025 Conference.
  • ‘Be the Light' - In celebration of The Virtues Project 30th anniversary, we partnered with Ali Youssefi and The Virtues Project in the production of a global music video, ‘Be the Light'.
  • Virtues Cards app - A big win for this year was the development of the next generation of the Virtues Cards App including a capability that allows organizations or individuals to purchase in volume and gift.
  • Pittsburgh Pediatric Orthopedic Institute - We assisted healthcare professionals in implementing actionable practices during the coronavirus response to sustain joy at work and overall well-being.
  • MainStreet Connect - We were humbled to facilitate A Season of Serenity Series for mothers of adult children with special needs, as well as participate in Conversations Matter, a series about race, equity, inclusion and diversity.
  • Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands - In partnership with our dear friend, Yasmeen Davis, we created a ‘Virtue of the Week’ series. The yearlong series includes reflection questions focused on social justice in hopes of building peaceful and caring communities through understanding and fostering the practice of virtues.
  • Global Wellness Summit - Virtues Matter was a sponsor of the Breathe Lounge with Sandy Abrams, C.E.Om at the 2021 Global Wellness Summit with fellow international thought leaders.
  • Community Action NOW! - Empowered workforce development facilitators on the island of St. Thomas to utilize the Five Strategies of the Virtues Project to under-supported youth.
  • American Visionary Arts Museum - Facilitated workshop ‘Restoring the Compassionate Educator’ as part of their Healing and Art of Compassion experience. (Service)
  • Maryland State Education Association - Facilitated Restoring the Restorative Educator Workshop for teachers across Maryland. (Service)
  • POTE (Pupil of the Eye) - Accompanied people of African descent through The 5 Strategies of the Virtues Project. (Service)
  • Shady Grove Adventist Aquilino Cancer Center - Provided guidance to medical practitioners for using Virtues to enhance staff wellbeing. (Service)
  • Online Connection Circles - We offered open weekly ‘Wellbeing Circles early in the year. (Service)
  • SpeedNetworking on Zoom - Co-facilitated weekly online networking discussions for small business owners and community leaders worldwide
  • Podcasts and Online Programs - We saw a year of amazing enthusiasm for Virtues in multiple online programs including: The B.O.O.S.T Podcast, Conversations Matter, and The Virtues Project 30th Anniversary interview with Founders Linda Kavelin-Popov and Dan Popov.

This year, we’re redoubling our commitment to wellbeing by connecting to global communities with meaningful experiences of joy, meaning, and purpose. In addition to offerings for educators and youth, we’re offering Community Leadership and Wellbeing Connection Circles to bring leaders together to restore their own wellbeing and that of their communities.

We are humbled to work in unity with such a thoughtful global community and excited to be of service in 2022!

With abundant gratitude,

The Team at Virtues Matter