March in Review: Reimagining Community

business leadership virtues cards app virtues matter workshop Mar 30, 2022

Hello Virtues Matter Community,

When you think of community, what comes to mind? Which foods fill you with a sense of belonging? Which places do you return to that remind you of home? Around which people do you feel safety, trust, and support?

 Community looks different for each of us, but at its core, transforms a sense of isolation into a feeling of connectedness. Over the last two years, our access to the places and traditions that bring us together has changed dramatically. Many of us have been experiencing grief, burnout, and isolation. Still, the global human family is proving that distancing doesn’t have to mean disconnect. 

We’ve had the opportunity to reimagine community together. We’ve shown creativity and resilience in building new ways to connect for work, holidays, and cultural events on Zoom. Many of us have been dedicating ourselves to justice and humanity advocating for human rights and climate action. We’ve all felt the impact of global forces such as Covid, climate change, social justice, and political unrest, and have faced uncertainty with hope and resilience.  

How does connection look different for you? What communities and bonds have you discovered over the course of the pandemic that you never would have expected?

We’re incredibly grateful to have you as a member of the Virtues Matter community.  

With joy, hope, and love, 

Dave, Dara, and Chopper


Virtues in Action


Community Leadership Wellbeing and Connection Circles: We were inspired and full of gratitude for the enthusiastic and thoughtful participation at our first Leadership Circle. We invite leaders, activists, and entrepreneurs to join us now for our second Circle on Thursday, March 17th at 5PM EST through registering here.


WEAVing in 400 Seconds: WEAVE: The Social Fabric Project of the Aspen Institute began a new series highlighting people who build trust in their communities - who they call “weavers.”-. Dave was honored to be invited to share 20 slides, 20 seconds each on how to create more united communities. Dave’s talk about WEAVing trust with Virtues starts at 16:45, and see two more inspiring speakers! 


Wellbeing for Educators: Last month, Dara facilitated a course on wellbeing for 75 educators through Shepherd University.  We’re available to bring customs workshops and experiences for healing to your school or organization. Contact us and we will work with you to suit your needs! 

I took the Teachers Wellbeing course. It was amazing! You are light to all of us! -Student


Give the Gift of Wellbeing: When you gift a deck of Virtues Cards, you're giving a boost of joy and a practice of mindfulness.  Give your community, family or organization the gift of connection, wellbeing and love by purchasing the Virtues Cards app in bulk here.