Need a Thanksgiving boost? This app can quickly lift spirits

media Nov 25, 2020

On his recent podcast episode of Now What, Jason Hiner interviews Dara Feldman about the Virtues Cards and how it gives a boost to parents, educators, team leaders and anyone who is trying to stay strong during the pandemic. He shares, "The app offers a daily dose of inspiration on the human qualities everyone can call on to persevere during tough times."

Jason is Editorial Director at CNET, a journalist, editor, and business leader. He has written about the technologies, tech companies, and products that are changing the ways we live and work in the 21st century.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Virtues Cards app has been praised by Rainn Wilson -- best known as the character Dwight Shrute on The Office, but also a humanitarian and co-founder of SoulPancake

"Compassion, trustworthiness, reliability, unity, moderation, peacefulness, courtesy, helpfulness, service. All of these things are inherent in the people we love," said Wilson in a SoulPancake video. "Just take a virtue a week like generosity and say, can I be more generous this week than I was last week. And then next week, can I be an inch more friendly than I was last week. You start noticing these qualities internally, in other people, and it can be a way to grow." 

Jason also shares, "Something everyone can do to spread more positivity in the world is to join the app's campaign to #SharetheLOVE on social media by calling out someone for one of their good qualities or something good they've done that shows one of their virtues. For example, I could go to the Gratitude card, hit the share button, click Twitter and then write a tweet mentioning my gratitude to @VirtuesDara for taking her time to do an interview with me, and then add the hashtag #SharetheLOVE."

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