Our Way of Saying Thank You!

Nov 18, 2020

As the U.S. approaches Thanksgiving, it seems timely to reflect on things for which we can be grateful. It’s been a long year and easy to fall into a trap of negativity. But there’s good all around and being thankful can be transformative. Change your mind, change your life!

A friend recently said  ‘Gratitude is a perspective. On your way up the mountain, you have to look back to see the progress you made.’

In our family, we practice gratitude daily. Our philosophy is ‘what we focus on expands’ so in the morning and before we go to sleep, we list 5-10 things that we appreciate. We celebrate small and large successes for the day and reflect on things that bring us joy and contentment. It helps.

Gratitude was one of the ‘7 Virtues for the Great Reset’, an online workshop we hosted last month. Why? Research shows a significant connection between well-being and the practice of gratitude. It helps:

  • Enhance our immune system
  • Improve well-being and success
  • Manage Stress
  • Lowers our risk for mental health issues

Speaking of Gratitude, we had the opportunity to deliver a keynote at DECA’s Western Region Leadership Conference: Innovate 2020. The conference was hosted by Washington DECA, a career and technical student organization that prepares innovative leaders and entrepreneurs to make positive social and global impacts through business and leadership. During the conference, we launched #SharetheLOVEDECA, a year-long Community Awareness Project with 12 Virtual Virtues Missions. Here’s a short video of the Gratitude mission and student submissions.

If you want to build on your own gratitude practices, here are a few resources:

We are grateful to be connected to such an inspiring community! May you all find peace and joy in the closing months of 2020.